I only admit that I am not afraid to offend people

Jiang Chuanyang, a second-level investigator of the Disciplinary Inspection Group of the Municipal Discipline Inspection Commission of the Municipal Procuratorate, grasped the details and dared to meet the challenges during his inspections. His story of fighting against the disease after he became ill is more touching.

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Jiang Chuanyang, a second-level investigator of the Discipline Inspection Group of Xiamen Municipal Discipline Inspection Commission. He changed jobs in 2015. In June 2017, he was assigned to the municipal party inspection team and participated in the sixth to ninth inspections. He is one of the advanced models that has emerged from the front line of our city's patrol work. He is conscientious and solid in his work and is a famous "strength" in the patrol team. In response to the illegal construction of Dongping Mountain, he was not afraid of suffering and was not tired. He visited the field several times, which effectively promoted the relevant illegal construction rectification.

Photo of Jiang Chuanyang

As one of the advanced models that has emerged from the front line of our city's inspection work, Jiang Chuanyang has always been “daring to hit the ground.” He once said that as an auditor, the most important thing is to be careful in details and never let go of any doubts. With his promotion, the Municipal Party Committee set up a "collective assets supervision department", which is responsible for supervising and managing collective assets. He "stays" and regards the satisfaction of the masses as a "mirror". He only admits that he is not afraid to offend people.

However, this tough guy encountered a disease ... In late January 2019, Jiang Chuanyang, who was just 50 years old, had an abnormal taste sensation and was diagnosed as a high-grade glioblastoma in mid-April. With the deterioration of the condition, the strong disciplinary committee cadre A little bit invaded by the disease, he began to lose memory, language ability, and mobility ... Three months ago, because of a sudden worsening of the condition, he was once sent to the ICU for rescue, and is currently receiving stable treatment.

"A tendon"

Thousands of pages of material looked at each number for two weeks.

In June last year, when inspecting a collective enterprise under a certain bureau, the inspection team received a report letter directly pointing to the collective enterprise's illegal construction of a cooperative project with a private enterprise. The management of most collective enterprises is not as good as that of state-owned enterprises. In addition, the project has a long history, and conventional methods are difficult to investigate and obtain evidence. Lin Jianmu, the leader of the third inspection team of the Municipal Party Committee, suggested that Jiang Chuanyang should start with auditing to find problems.

The leaders of the inspected units came up with the decision of their superior party group, and the audit report of the external auditor firm came to the door again and again. They found Jiang Chuanyang: "Look, the superior department and the audit report have been set and not violated the rules. With so many books, you have looked hard, and you have to hand over the money directly." "It doesn't matter, I just came from an audit background, I'm not afraid of being tired, but Don't be afraid to pinch hard bones. "Jiang Chuanyang said. The leader of the inspected unit was a little unhappy: "The conversation was also discussed, and the letter was also consulted. Didn't you find the problem? So true, do you think about us?"

"You misunderstood. I just tried to be accurate and believed that the accounts would speak." Jiang Chuanyang replied. With years of professional sensitivity, Jiang Chuanyang found strange things in the audit report submitted by the inspected unit. But where is the breakthrough? The inspection team was stationed in less than 40 days. In order to confirm his judgment, the accounts, contracts, various reports ... two metal cabinets and thousands of pages of information, he watched for two weeks and put each number "Pick and poke."

Finally, Jiang Chuanyang sorted out clues to the serious loss of collective assets due to the lack of effective supervision of collective enterprises, and submitted the report to the inspection team.

"That was a very accurate report," said Cai Shouguan, who participated in the inspection. In May 2019, the special inspection report submitted by Jiang Chuanyang's group received great attention from the main leaders of the municipal party committee. The municipal party committee decided to set up a "collective assets supervision department", which is responsible for supervising and managing collective assets.

Jiang Chuanyang believes that inspections must not engage in formalism or bureaucracy, and that the masses are satisfied or dissatisfied is the "mirror" of work. In April last year, when the community visited the masses, Jiang Chuanyang found that individual family doctors' contracted projects did not meet the requirements, one-sided pursuit of performance rewards, and explored policy gaps. Some people persuaded him not to "get a glutton". The family doctor signing project is a new thing in Xiamen. It is an experience in the country. It is not good to go out. Jiang Chuanyang has repeatedly insisted that he must report the problem truthfully. "He is just like that, he just admits that he is not afraid to offend people." A colleague who works with Jiang Chuanyang introduced that each inspection team is responsible for a different section. When he wrote the inspection report, Jiang Chuanyang not only made sure that he was responsible, but also helped See reports from other groups. He is like holding a magnifying glass, scrutinizing word by word, and if there are different opinions, he immediately raises them.

War sickness

The weak side is still strong

But this "justification" Jiang Chuanyang, unfortunately, encountered the "irrational" illness. In April of this year, Jiang Chuanyang, who was just 50 years old, was diagnosed with advanced glioblastoma. As the condition worsened, he began to lose speech and mobility and is currently undergoing conservative treatment in the hospital. Jiang Chuanyang has been fighting the devil since he became ill in January this year. Three months ago, Jiang Chuanyang's condition suddenly worsened and was once life-threatening. Fortunately, after rescue, his condition is temporarily stable and he is being hospitalized for treatment. Deprived of his ability to speak and walk, Jiang Chuanyang has not been out of bed for three months. He can only rely on his wife and caregiver to help him turn over and massage. Even eating requires injection through a gastric tube.

After Jiang Chuanyang became ill, his wife Wang Xiaoling gradually became his left arm and right arm. After he gradually lost his language function, she guessed what he wanted to say with years of tacit understanding. He had previously nodded when he guessed right, and waved his hand if he guessed wrong; when After he was unable to move freely, Wang Xiaoling often took him alone to take him out of the wheelchair to the hospital. In addition, there is also the psychological dependence of Jiang Chuanyang on his wife. After being admitted to the hospital, his biological clock is upside down with others, always drowsy during the day, and suddenly awake in the evening, because that is when Wang Xiaoling is going to leave the ward home to take care of her child. .

Although her husband began to show more and more weakness, Wang Xiaoling knew that the strength in his bones was always there. Since his diagnosis, although his language skills have continued to deteriorate, and it has been extremely difficult to squeeze a word at the end, until the day before he was hospitalized again, he insisted on saying good night to his family every night. Sometimes when watching Jiang Chuanyang touching his body and touching his head, Wang Xiaoling knew that he must be unbearable. "I know his character. If he can bear it, he will not let us know."

Not long after the diagnosis was made, Jiang Chuanyang reassured his colleagues. He said that at the best age, he wanted to work for the party and wanted to do things. Although he was ill, his original intention was still the same, and he was eager to return to work as soon as possible.

Reporter notes

Looking forward to good cadres

Health return

When I visited Jiang Chuanyang, I noticed a special detail. Even the nursing staff hired by Wang Xiaoling insisted on respecting Jiang Chuanyang. "I have read his report. He is a good cadre of the people! This The work is very tiring. If it were not for admiring him, I would have left. "The nurse told reporters.

Jiang Chuanyang let us see that a patriotic and loving party, who works with sincerity and sincerity, will definitely gain people's respect, even if he does not know him.

Jiang Chuanyang's children are still waiting for his health to return, and his little daughter still remembers that his father promised to go out—Jiang Chuanyang promised to take her to the zoo after the illness, to see her favorite animals. Jiang Chuanyang's colleagues are also waiting for him, hoping that the people's good cadres can use his bravery to fight back from illness.

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