The original heart that never fades

——Remember Jiang Chuanyang, the second-level investigator of the discipline inspection team of Xiamen Municipal Discipline Inspection Commission

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Jiang Chuanyang, a second-level investigator of the discipline inspection team of the Xiamen Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection in the Municipal Procuratorate. It changed jobs in 2015. In June 2017, the municipal party inspection team was selected to participate in the four rounds of inspections from the sixth to the ninth round of the municipal party committee.

From the appearance of abnormal taste in late January 2019 to the diagnosis of advanced glioblastoma in mid-April, Jiang Chuanyang's condition deteriorated rapidly. It turned out that he couldn't remember his usual computer password, and he couldn't hold the mouse right with his right hand.

"It's a pity, we are like we have only one arm!" Said the work partner. "We are all willing to talk about Chuanyang." Many people who know Jiang Chuanyang said.

What kind of person is he? The reporter pursued his footprint and tried his best to restore Jiang Chuanyang in the eyes of colleagues, friends and family——

A "Dare to Touch" person

When inspecting a collective enterprise affiliated with a certain bureau, the inspection team received a report letter that directly pointed to the collective enterprise's illegal construction of a cooperative project with a private enterprise. The management of most collective enterprises is not as good as that of state-owned enterprises. In addition, the project has a long history, and conventional methods are difficult to investigate and obtain evidence. Lin Jianmu, the leader of the Third Inspection Team of the Municipal Party Committee, suggested that Jiang Chuanyang start with auditing.

What Jiang Chuanyang is not afraid of is "hard bones". He wrote in his working note: Auditing must be principled. As an auditor, the most important thing is to be careful about the details and never miss any doubts.

The leaders of the inspected units came up with the decision of their superior party group, and the audit report of the external auditor firm came to the door again and again. They found Jiang Chuanyang: "Look, the superior department and the audit report have been set and not violated the rules. With so many books, you also have a hard time looking at it, so let's hand it over."

"It doesn't matter, I'm from auditing and I'm not tired." Jiang Chuanyang said lightly.

The leader of the inspected unit was a little unhappy: "The conversation was also discussed, and the letter was also inquired. Didn't you find the problem? So true, do you have any opinions on us?"

"You misunderstood. I just tried to be accurate, I believe the accounts will speak." Jiang Chuanyang was polite and courteous.

With years of professional sensitivity, Jiang Chuanyang found strange things in the audit report submitted by the inspected unit. But where is the breakthrough? The inspection team was stationed in less than 40 days. In order to confirm his judgment, the accounts, contracts, various reports ... two metal cabinets and thousands of pages of information, he watched for two weeks and put each number "Pick and poke."

Colleagues said that many times when looking up from the window at two or three in the morning, there was always a figure walking around the playground alone. At first glance, it was Jiang Chuanyang. Asked him the next day, he said that his thinking was too active, his mind was full of numbers, and he couldn't sleep, so he had to think in circles, hoping to use his tired body to promote sleep.

Finally, Jiang Chuanyang sorted out clues to the serious loss of collective assets due to the lack of effective supervision of collective enterprises, and submitted the report to the inspection team.

"That is a report with extremely high accuracy." Cai Shouguan, who participated in the inspection, said, "Is a person aware of the soundness of his work? Hearing the report will tell you. Those materials are old and need to be verified with each other, but for any negligence, a The omission of documents will break the whole chain of evidence. But Chuan Yang sorted it out clearly. "

In May 2019, the special inspection report submitted by Jiang Chuanyang's group received great attention from the main leaders of the municipal party committee. The municipal party committee decided to set up a "collective assets supervision department", which is responsible for supervising and managing collective assets.

A "one tendon" person

When the community visited the masses, Jiang Chuanyang found that individual family doctors' contracted projects did not meet the requirements, one-sided pursuit of performance rewards, and explored policy gaps. Some people persuaded him not to "get a glutton". The family doctor signing project is a new thing in Xiamen. It is an experience in the country. It is not good to go out. Jiang Chuanyang insisted repeatedly: "We must regard the satisfaction of the masses as a 'mirror'. We cannot engage in formalism and bureaucracy. Inspections must reflect the problems truthfully."

"He is just like that, he just admits that he is not afraid to offend people." A colleague who works with Jiang Chuanyang introduced that each inspection team is responsible for a different section. When he wrote the inspection report, Jiang Chuanyang not only made sure that he was responsible, but also helped See reports from other groups. He is like holding a magnifying glass, scrutinizing word by word, and if there are different opinions, he immediately raises them.

His wife Wang Xiaoling sometimes persuaded him to be more comfortable. He always said "stubbornly": "Only by pursuing my own job as a career and fulfilling my work as a mission can we cultivate an organization."

Although often "stabbed", colleagues are still very close to him because he is convinced to take it orally. Jiang Chuanyang likes to share his work experience with everyone. What method was used to find a clue, and what bottlenecks were encountered in the process of discovery, and he has no hidden experience in auditing.

"We admire him for always being able to look at the problem from a global perspective." As he said, Lin Jianmu's voice was low. "Now that people encounter difficulties in auditing, they will subconsciously call Chuan Yang's name. For a long time no one The answer came. "

A "can't let go" person

Jiang Chuanyang, who has been busy with work, is full of gratitude and guilt to his wife Wang Xiaoling. The first thing after changing jobs is to take his wife to take wedding photos.

The eldest son has almost graduated from graduate school. During his growth, Jiang Chuanyang, who was his father, was "absent." Little girl Niuniu is less than four years old. He had also hoped that his responsibility as a father would "make up" for his daughter. But when her daughter was a few months old, she would enter the inspection team.

Wang Xiaoling thought again and again and couldn't help but open her mouth: "The baby is too young, I have low blood pressure, and sometimes I feel dizzy, my parents are not in good health and I ca n’t bring my child, what should I do alone?"

Watching her husband stop the work on his hands and turn his back to her, he turned around a while later, and said in a rare gentle tone: "May I have an hourly help?" Wang Xiaoling sighed.

Jiang Chuanyang's old comrade-in-arms and city party inspection team colleague Weng Zuyan said: "There are many common topics between us, but he always talks about work when he meets. Sometimes he just lay down and immediately got up when he thought of something."

Weng Zuyan knew that Jiang Chuanyang's gout was very serious, and he often walked limping with pain, but he was reluctant to take time to go to the hospital for treatment. Weng Zuyan advised him not to fight so hard, and he shook his head: "Efforts should be made to be accurate about the problems discovered, and not specious."

Facing the illness, Jiang Chuanyang has always been strong. He joked and said, "The inspections are very fulfilling and I feel good. If it wasn't for the inspection team, maybe the illness had already come to the door."

Nowadays, Jiang Chuanyang, whose language function is degraded, can only say “the best age, I want to work for the party, I want to do things, but I ca n’t make use of my expertise.” , But my original intention is still the same. "(Cai Yilin, Zhuang Mingxun, Xiamen Commission for Discipline Inspection || Li Lingna, website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection)

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