From recruits to elites

——Huang Xueqin, Deputy Discipline Inspection Supervisor, Deputy Commissioner, Xiamen Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, Fujian Province

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The picture shows Huang Xueqin at work.

The 7th Xiamen Model List of Moral Models was released a few days ago. In the list of "Models for Dedicated Love", there is a "post-80s" female disciplinary inspection supervisor, Huang Xueqin, Deputy Discipline Inspection Supervisor of Xiamen Discipline Inspection Commission. Speaking of Huang Xueqin, everyone said that when this girl who looked fragile and gentle entered the working state, it was like a clockwork, with a tenacious and hard working spirit. Some people say that she looks like a sweet-scented osmanthus flower on the streets of southern Fujian. Looking at a small humble flower, she is full of fragrance and fragrance.

"Suspicious points in cases are often subtle"

In 2017, Huang Xueqin was transferred from the Xiamen Municipal Audit Bureau to the Xiamen Discipline Inspection Commission and has been working in the seventh discipline inspection and supervision office, mainly responsible for the preliminary verification of problem clues. The task of preliminary clue verification is to understand whether the problem reflected exists and provide a basis for filing a case. Huang Xueqin knew this very well, so she asked herself: "It must be precise, cautious, truth-seeking, and be responsible to the reporter and to the person being reported."

Huang Xueqin often said: "Primary nucleus, patience is the first priority, and the doubts in some cases are often in the subtle points." Huang Xueqin's colleague Huang Xiang recalled that there was a case investigation, and hundreds of accounts were transferred to it. After all the flow inspections had not found the problem, and soon gave up, Huang Xueqin proposed that she should merge all the account flow and reorganize it page by page.

This is a case in which a person in charge of a state-owned enterprise was suspected of neglecting his duties and accepting bribes. Huang Xueqin decomposed the loss process of the enterprise according to time, links and operating methods. The errors, the consequences and losses caused by them, the personnel involved and their responsibilities were listed in a clear list. In the end, Huang Xueqin sorted out the transactions hidden behind these figures.

Behind success is Huang Xueqin's hard work. Huang Xueqin said that she could not read this set of books more than ten times. When she turned it over later, it was like reading an autobiography of an acquaintance. The respondent likes watching movies and eating fast food. His wife likes beauty ...

Huang Xueqin tirelessly checked the accounts repeatedly. From morning to late at night, wash your face with cold water when you are sleepy. Finally, an abnormal account attracted her attention—the amount of funds was not much, but it was a transaction that occurred when the respondent needed the funds most. It was confirmed again that the head of the account was a migrant worker, but there was a large amount of cash in his account. After repeated analysis and judgment, Huang Xueqin boldly speculated that this was a stolen deposit account borrowed by the subject, and the inference was consistent with the final investigation results.

"I have done case warnings for many years. When interviewing case handlers, few people like Xueqin can trace every account to the source. Such traceability is very meaningful and can effectively avoid the conspiracy of the object being reviewed. Withdrawing a confession laid a solid foundation for the next stage of the convergence of law and law. "Said Lin Moulue, director of the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Discipline Inspection Commission.

"Successful preliminary nuclear report is to find a sharp knife for the breakthrough of the case." Recalling the countless materials and accounts that he has read over the years, Huang Xueqin interpreted his work like this: "We must be good at doing preliminary nuclear audits. Problems were found in the clues at the tip of the iceberg, because only when we have done the preliminary work fully can we lay a good foundation for the follow-up case investigation. "

"Grow and grow through questioning without shame"

In addition to being patient and meticulous, Huang Xueqin is also a person who loves to brain and learn at work.

Initial verification is a very heavy workload. Usually, only one or two sentences are included in the report, but Huang Xueqin and colleagues have to check tens of thousands of documents. But even so, it is time consuming and laborious to browse through the original files, not to mention the efficiency, and there may be omissions.

"Can you combine information technology with the investigation and investigation work?" After reporting to the leader, Huang Xueqin compiled the verification ideas based on the data to be reviewed based on regulations and experience, then edited the ideas into a computer program language, and then carried out a detailed analysis. Not only were loopholes found quickly and efficiently, but initial nuclear efficiency was greatly improved. In the past, manual screening allowed one person to complete a review of one bank account a day, and by adopting such a standardized data screening method, one person could complete a review of 22 banks in a day. This result was later promoted in the whole committee. "It not only improves efficiency but also guarantees quality." Zhang Jianchun, director of the Seventh Discipline Inspection and Supervision Office of Xiamen Discipline Inspection Commission, gave her a thumbs up.

After the reform of the disciplinary inspection and supervision system in 2018, due to the changes in department personnel, Huang Xueqin must not only complete the initial nuclear task, but also shoulder complicated internal affairs, and the workload has doubled. How to complete the task with high quality in a limited time has become a question for her. Soon, colleagues saw time-slicing tables on Huang Xueqin's desk. Different color blocks on the table represent different tasks. It turned out that she used the whole time to go to work for meditation, used the fragmented time of lunch break to complete the back office affairs, and used the quiet time at night to sort out the admission slip and analysis on the day.

Huang Xueqin said, "People in our department are all" stunning. "I have to" steal the teacher and learn arts "and grow up with shameless questions. My colleagues also said," Xue Qin loves learning, thinking, and leisure. Time is reading a book. "Colleagues are allowed to come from a law major and are familiar with legal business. At a clue discussion meeting, whether a certain act was suspected of a crime and whether the criminal law prosecution period had passed has become the focus of discussion. Huang Xueqin not only listened carefully at the meeting, but also sought permission after the meeting.

"This girl is not average. I deliberately put pressure on her. She readily accepted it and never complained. The more challenging the job, the more excited she was." Zhang Jianchun commented on Huang Xueqin. With such a keen interest in research, Huang Xueqin participated in the verification of a number of important cases in the short period of one and a half years after entering the seventh discipline inspection and supervision office, and was praised by the leaders many times. The "new recruits" turned into anti-corruption "leading soldiers."

"If a person has faith, he will not feel tired"

Entering Huang Xueqin's office, she saw a huge men's backpack on the chair. Huang Xueqin said with a smile: "This bag is very easy to use. It can be used for laptops, books and materials, and you can take time to take a break."

As a result of sitting at a desk for a long time, Huang Xueqin suffered from ankylosing spondylitis, and sometimes it was too painful to lie down. But even when she lay down, her mind was not idle. Every detail of the case and every piece of material she mastered appeared frame by frame like a movie in her mind. As soon as a new discovery was made, she picked up the book and recorded it. . By the year and a half of the Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision, five thick books had been used.

During the day, it was her job to go to the village to enter the house, talk and understand, and organize the data and form a report at night. Huang Xueqin's colleague Zeng Jiefeng said with emotion: "Xue Qin is quite active in work, always thinking about daytime things at night and next week things on weekends. Once, she sprained her ankle and stayed on the line with a cane. All of us are ashamed. "

But Huang Xueqin didn't feel bitter. She appreciated the words of Liao Junbo, the excellent county secretary of the country: "It is hard enough to bring children, but why do parents enjoy it? Because there is faith. When people have faith, they will not feel tired." "When hidden in intricate data When the problem was discovered and the case was broken, I felt particularly fulfilled in my heart. "Huang Xueqin said," It's the kind of joy that you can't help humming a little song on the road. "

Because he worked for a long time at the crime site, Huang Xueqin had almost no vacations, and he often worked overtime at night. His children and housework fell on his family. Huang Xueqin was very guilty of this: "The children don't find me much now, they only look for father." Huang Xueqin's work was greatly supported and encouraged by her family.

"Xue Qin's heart is pure, just like her name. She is as clear as snow and diligent." Zhang Jianchun said that colleagues once went out to eat noodles together, and everyone praised the delicious noodles. Xue Qin said nothing but machinery. Nodded. I asked her why she nodded like a smash, and she returned to God and immediately asked me a job question. what! It turned out that she was still working on her meal.

"Now, the masses have great confidence in the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Commission, so I cherish the status of disciplinary inspection and supervision cadres, and can not live up to the expectations and trust of the masses." Huang Xueqin said sincerely. Because of this original intention, she worked hard at work. In April of this year, she was elected as the "Model for Dedicated Work" in Xiamen. (Correspondent Cai Yilin Zhang Hong)

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